About Us

Roger Blitz, founder and president of Mercury Home Remodeling has been in the home remodeling and construction business for nearly 4 decades. His most recent experience was as General Manager of Brothers Services where he was responsible for the entire construction division. When he formed Mercury Home Remodeling in 2012 it was with the idea that he would keep the company small enough to allow him to give each and every customer the individual and personal attention that they deserve.  Roger said, “Staying small means low operating expense and enables Mercury to perform the highest quality work for the lowest possible prices.”  Roger’s philosophy is to perform every job as if it were for his own parent’s home assuring the highest standards.  After so many years in the industry he has seen how other contractors fail to maintain proper relations with the folks who trusted them.  From lack of planning to horrible communication to poor cleanup and Roger vowed when forming his own company to not repeat the mistakes of others.  Every project is meticulously reviewed before sending to the field, every step of the process is clearly communicated with the customer from pre-construction to final cleanup.  “We realize that every day we are in your home, we are intruding on your privacy, so while we won’t rush the work, we will dedicate our team to your project.”   Mercury has assembled the best construction crews in Maryland and they are dedicated to making your home remodeling project perfect.  From small gutter replacement jobs to full additions, we pride ourselves in knowing that every time we work on your home it will be a pleasant and positive experience.