SPRING SPECIAL – 12’ x 12’ Wood Deck for $4,000

Folks often ask how much does it cost to build a deck.    I wish the answer was simple, but whenever I am asked that question, I have to counter and ask a few questions myself to determine what they really want.

For example – I can build a 12×12 pressure treated deck at ground level for this spring’s special price of $4,000. This includes the County building permit, footings, posts, support structure and 5/4 pressure treated decking screwed down t the joists and clean up and haul away all construction debris.

If you didn’t want just a plain 12×12 ground level wood deck, here are the questions that I would ask you.

  • Do you want a pressure treated wood surface for the decking or synthetic or even an exotic wood like Ipe?
  • Do you want railings? Wood, synthetic, Plexiglas or metal?
  • Is the deck higher than 8” to 1’ off the ground?
  • Do you want steps?
  • Do you want any part of the deck enclosed and screened in?
  • Do you want the decking to be installed so no screws or nails show [called hidden fasteners]?
  • And of course, what size do you want your new deck to be?

These questions are for you, so if you are considering a new deck this spring, it gives you some food for thought so the deck project can be exactly what you want it to be.

If you already have a deck but it is old and needs a face-lift, we can help.


I also offer a complete custom design service if you have something more elaborate in mind.


This spring is a great time to finally have that new deck built or that old deck refurbished.

Also, if you do need design service, again, for a limited time, I will supply that service absolutely FREE provided you contract with me to have the deck built within 30 days of the completion of the design.

So why wait another day, call now and I will personally come to your home to review and discuss your project, no obligation, no pressure, just a friendly chat to see how I may be of service to you.

Roger Blitz, president
Mercury Home Remodeling