From Sharon H:

Mercury Home Remodeling did my doors, windows and did exterior work.

It was a good experience. They had a little mix up with some of the windows that didn’t come in exactly right but he was prompt in doing that resolved. He was willing to make everything correct.

From Mandi D:

Mercury Home Remodeling Installed new windows and sliding doors to replace old double-hung, wood windows and old sliding doors.

The contractor, Roger, president/owner of Mercury Home Remodeling, came to the house to examine the type and condition of windows and doors needing replacement.  Over a period of a couple of weeks, we discussed various options for the new windows and doors including restyling a kitchen window.  We chose an appropriate window style that met our budget.  One of the nice things about working with Mercury was being given choices without feeling pressured to buy the most expensive styles. Roger was very up-front about the characteristics of various windows (insulated frames vs. uninsulated frames, for example), which enabled us to make a comfortable decision that balanced quality and value.

The installation was completed very quickly and the installers were friendly and professional. The work was completed within the amount of the initial estimate and without charges for possible extras such as rotted wood (old house = rotted wood, comes with the territory).  In one case, they went above and beyond the contract to remove some wood to open the space for the kitchen window.  They also repaired a sill and an existing window frame without additional charges. 

Also, I was very impressed by Roger’s handling of a small problem with the manufacturing of the windows.  The windows themselves were the right size (custom-made), but there was a small misalignment of the grids. Roger has worked with the manufacturer to resolve the problem immediately, including remaking some of the windows with almost no turn-around time.  Given that every window is measured by hand and custom-made, I was not surprised by the misalignment — I was, however, shocked by how fast they were examined, remeasured, and replaced!

I’ve worked with Mercury on several large renovation projects and have recommended them to others.  It was a pleasure to work with them, and I will use them in the future.


Barbara H:

Mercury/Roger Blitz did a WONDERFUL job in an very difficult situation.
I had water damage to my townhouse from a previous contractor’s poor siding job.  Water had been coming down the inside of my chimney chase and dripped outside the house, so it went unchecked for years.  When I pulled up the LR carpet and hearthstone to lay wood floors I discovered that the sub floor and joists underneath the pre-fab fireplace was rotted.  Homeowner’s insurance won’t cover shoddy workmanship, so I was stuck!  I tarped the top of the chimney chase, but later during a series of storms the water came in and my LR ceiling came down.

I must have had 5 contractors come and look at the work.  Some were not interested in taking on the job because they could not estimate the extent of the damage.  Several provided estimates to reframe the entire back of the Townhouse, others completely underestimated the volume of work, and I did not feel confident that they wouldn’t come back when the siding was off and say it would cost much more to complete.

Roger Blitz from Mercury took a different.  He offered to have a crew come out for half a day and remove the existing fireplace which I had planned to replace.  With the fireplace out the the way and some wallboard removed, his crew could provide a thorough inspection of the damage so he could provide an accurate estimate.  He also indicated that he would organize the estimate in phases, grouping the necessary work based on urgency, in order to accommodate my budget.  As it turned out, the inspection took only half the expected time, and the result was much better than anticipated!  The damage was limited to directly under the fireplace.  Therefore, I was able to schedule a complete residing job including plywood/tyvek and a new window, repair to the interior ceiling and walls, a new chimney flue and fireplace with a tile surround, painting and wood floors.

The crew from Mercury did an excellent job on everything.  They were careful to capture pictures of the damage during deconstruction, and even corrected some issues with the existing windows installed by the previous contractor. Roger stayed in touch during the entire project, coordinated the fireplace installation with a sub-contractor, and organized the team’s efforts.  he was careful to correct any issues (always minor) quickly, and was both easy and pleasant to work with.  John, who headed the crew, was friendly and skilled, and always took time to discuss next steps and give advice on decisions I needed to make.  He worked closely with me to design a tile surround that matched other tile work in my home, and did an excellent job! 

Bottom line, Mercury worked with me to correct a very difficult situation, stayed on budget, provided skilled labor at an excellent price, and completed the job as expected and on time.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.  

I recommend Mercury highly and without reservation.


Jason R:

Mercury Home Remodeling replaced my gutters on time, did the work quickly, cleaned up after themselves and overall was a seamless installation.  I invited them back to replace my roof and was amazed that not only did they talk me out of a more expensive shingle because I would see little benefit in the more expensive set but also cleaned out a couple vents squirrels had been using as winter storage.

I am currently in talks with them to renovate out kitchen and again, Roger steps in to inform me of options that are a waist of money.  He has been beneficial in keeping our project within budget and his knowledge of unforeseen project costs helps even more to prepare you for the inevitable.


Linda S: Bathroom renovation.

Great- Was there when they said-Completed on time.


Shirley H:

Mercury Home Remodeling remodeled a partial bathroom including drywall and floor in the master bathroom. Drywall in hall bathroom, replaced damaged drywall in kitchen ceiling then painted the bathrooms and ceiling.

The team of workers including the plumber worked cooperatively in getting the job done and each one cleaned up the work area each day before leaving. They were professional, business like, but friendly!